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Doug Winnie with ActionCoach is a business accelerator who guides, teaches, and holds accountable business owners and their teams so they achieve much greater results than they ever imagined.

Doug has built, from scratch, totally bootstrapped, and then sold two multimillion-dollar companies; He's coached well over 10,000 sessions causing clients to surpass their personal goals, win awards, sell their own companies, and become multi-millionaires.

Doug has a team of full-time members (W2 employees) who also coach, and support their clients in marketing efforts, sales training, team building, business planning, business strategy, operational KPIs, and financial analysis.

Doug's ideal client are family-owned business with 15-50 employees, business existing at least 5 years, generally in the Houston-area, with a large market opportunity, and the owner(s) wanting to significantly grow their profits through smarter business operations, while working less and less overall.


WINNER 2019 North America Client Results of the Year

WINNER 2018 Global Master Coach of the Year

WINNER 2017 North America Client Results of the Year